Short Thought

Very short thought this morning, actually not very earth shattering, but I am curious. I have artist friends that are wonderful in their medium with their work and they continue to grow stronger as they practice their skills. Me, I am constantly seeking something new. I wonder if I am running away from what I know, always trying to find something more interesting than what I am currently doing, as a result I never finely master what I can do. Any body else riding in the same boat with me? Just wondering. Let me know what you think.

I re-read this and perhaps it does not make sense, but it does to me.

Rambling Prose

I am reading more and more artist blogs and finding places that artists seem to post what painting means to them, not so much the expected commercial artist statements. I can't decide if most artist share the same trait or not...complete introverts that are forcing themselves to be extroverts in order to sell their work. I know that if I could just paint and let someone else deal with selling, posting, describing, etc. I would be very happy, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately no one lives in my head but me. I really would not care how much it sold for, just let someone else enjoy it for a time. I live with some of my work for a while, however, there comes a time for the piece to find a new home.

I wish I could express myself as wonderfully as other artist do, notably Cathy Hegman. She lives and works in the MS delta. If you enjoy beautiful prose about art, read her blogs. Her work is amazing and her words are equally enchanting. I highly recommend reading her blog. It is time well spent.

I think sometimes that I will find a path that will take me exactly where I should be, but then there is a crazy turn and I am off in another direction. Some days are easier to accept changes, some are more difficult. Guess its like that for everyone. I am probably repeating myself. My husband and sons hated that about women in general, so I try not too. I am rambling for sure, with no real point. I think I am uneasy today. Too much life balancing in my world recently.
This blog actually started out as a method to explore what I should do next. I am having to realize that my work is not A list quality, so I must be happy on the B list shows and limited gallery representation. Guess that is how it will be. I will continue to paint as I love it and what else could I do. My good friend once told me that I am not a group joiner and its ok. I was so thankful to hear that, as I truly HATE meetings, I squirm like a bad child. I worked for two years when I was quite young for someone else, the rest of my years I have worked free lance or as owner of my business.

This is supposed to be an art blog, not a venting life blog. So I will end my ramblings with an art tip. As I stated earlier in my ramblings, I am reading more art related items. One such article busted artists that use tricks, well, I kinda like tricks, as they add another layer to the piece. Plus if I can spend ten seconds achieving checks with spray paint, should I really spend an hour on the same task so that I don't use a trick, seems dumb to me? So I am passing along my B list trick tip (note the sarcasm in B list), I use spray paint to achieve a lot of my background and lately foreground softening patterns. I like metallic, as my work seems to be going more and more into the contemporary feel. I use an netted orange bag, odd open weave papers, anything that will create a pattern when sprayed through. Remember this trick technique is frowned upon by many jurors, so don't blame me when you are rejected.

Few people ever let me know if they read my ramblings, so once again, just like when my sons were home, I have no idea what people are thinking, either positive or negative, no clue, just winging it through the day.

Forgive the rambling style, I just did not want to worry with the presentation factor this morning.
Hope its a good moment in life for you.