I owned a successful wholesale business for twenty-five years. I closed my business in 2010 and began to paint canvases, rather badly at first, however, filling my days with art was exactly what I needed. My wholesale location turned into my studio.

In 2010, I participated in a Robert Burridge workshop, changing my style. I started applying paint with my fingers in a fast, loose manner,  not concentrating on details or focusing on the end result; but allowing the painting to develop its own way.

I now work with thin acrylic pigments on randomly textured and painted canvases allowing the under paintings to show in unexpected areas. It is an uncontrolled, experimental technique. Most days are spent alone in my studio in a cedar grove with four dogs and music. It’s not a bad way of life. My husband, Eddie, and I travel around the US to art festivals selling my work.

A good day produces work I cannot believe my hands created; a bad day produces under paintings. Most of my paintings express emotions. Sometimes the images are simply something pleasant to view, but many times they are the emotions people hide.  For a few years now I have been painting expressive faces and figurative pieces. They are not always easy to live with; however, they are the pieces that will remain interesting. Often the viewer does not understand the work, but are drawn to it. There have been several incidences when a piece has been purchased and years later they contact me saying that they now understand why that piece spoke to them. In my heart, I think in some small way it is God helping us. I know that painting is a gift, God has given me to enjoy. My hope is that someone else may also enjoy my work.

  "Painting is the most frustrating and at the same time most exhilarating work I have ever done."

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