I am trying to learn how to use a palette knife. The background of this piece is done with one. I like the affect. She seems peaceful but fluid at the same time. 24” x 36” available
 I liked this work at this stage. It obviously is a piece I started and stopped during its creation. I found it quite nice at this stage.  24” x 36” x 1.5” gallery wrap canvas…available Caron Gallery, Tupelo, MS
 This work may be one of the better faces I have created. I never really know how a piece will turn out as I allow the underpainting to speak loudly and each underpainting is quite unique. My grand daughter has done many of the underpaintings. The pleasure she has in my studio, will remain a wonderful memory for me. 24” x 36” x 1.5”…sold
Female Face
FACE 3045
After Picasso
 She was painted during a magazine interview and video. I am not the easiest person to interview as I get nervous and fearful that I will reveal the dork I fear I actually am, so of course I come across as a dork. She is lovely with the down turned eyes. Difficult to do, the drips over her left eye make the piece. 24” x 36” x 1.5”  gallery wrap canvas.  Available
FACE 3082
Red Stripe Face
Pixie and Birds
Face 2743
Face in the Clouds
Dreaming Face
Let Me Think About It
Blue contemporary face
Face 2710
 Peaceful.....I love transparent paint. It gives the piece such an interesting quality. 24" x 36" gallery wrap....SOLD
 24" x 36" Face. This work invites you to look beyond the surface. sold
 24" x 36" Face. Sold. This is one of the most interesting pieces I have ever done. She actually glowed. When I paint, I often wish I knew what I was doing. Many times I simply paint, with no clue where it will go. Really wonderful when they turn out like this one....sold
Face 2740
 24" x 24" Never Give Up On The Pig. Caron Gallery…sold
 She is painted over two previous works, both rather bad. I think she may be one of my more interesting pieces, so it was worth it. 24" x 48" gallery wrap....sold
 12" x 12" gallery wrap...sold
 Memories...24" x 36" gallery wrap. I re-worked Hidden In Blue. It has an reflective quality. Light really moves around on the surface. Available
Do You Think So
Face with Doves
Face It
Dreaming The Day Away
Woman In A Window
Man In A Window
Orange Hair Face
 Love the bright underpainting. She looks so different than most of my work. 24"x 48” x 1.5” sold
Rubber Duck
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